Born 1993 in Nanjing, China, Weijue Wang started learning drawing as a child. She began her apprenticeship in drawing under Ying Gu in 2004. In 2011, she graduated from Nanjing Foreign Language School, where she developed her ability of critical thinking and English skills. These experiences established the foundation for her to study art in the United States. She finished her B.A. degree with a studio Art Major at College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University in the spring of 2015. She currently finishing her M.F.A. Degree and experimenting with different mediums to express her ideas at San Francisco Art Institute. 

As an emerging Chinese female artist who grew up in an age of extreme consumerism in China, She is bombarded with the commodification of everything in every aspect of her daily life. Constantly traveling back and forth between China and the United States enables her to look at the consumption culture in China both as an insider and an outsider. Since many Chinese female friends of hers are obsessed with cosmetic products and plastic surgeries, She is interested especially in the commodification of the female body.